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Thanks to everyone for making the 2024 RVHR Spring soccer season a success!!!
Special congratulations to all teams that made it to the Championship Night! Here is a re-cap of the evening….

In the 6-8 age group we had the Warriors68 edging out the Titans68 4-1 to bring home 3rd place for the Warriors68.. The 9-12 game was a nail biter going to the wire with a 1-0 win for the Stars912 over the Eagles912. The Stars912 will end up in 3rd place for the season. And finally in the 13+ game, the winning honors goes to the Stars13+ who took a 2-1 lead in the first half over the Warriors13+ and ended up adding another goal in the second for the final score of 3-1 and 3rd place finish for the season.

The Patriots68 brought home a championship medal with a 4-1 win over the Flames68, who ended up in second place for the season. The 9-12 game brought much excitement with a 2-2 tie in regulation and a sudden death penalty shot in the right corner of the goal for the Flames912 who take the gold medal. The Patriots912 ended up in second place for the season. The 13+ game was a squeaker with the Patriots13+ adding a game winning goal in the second half to edge out the Eagles13+ 2-1.

And finally in the dusk of the evening, where car lights were illuminating the field, the Coaches vs. MVP game ended in a score of 3-1, with the 13+MVP players allegedly winning the game. Coaches are filing an official complaint to the US Soccer governing board. They will be providing absolute evidence that as you grow older your eye sight diminishes leaving the older coaches in a major disadvantage when playing on a field with no lights. When asked for comment, the head of the governing board was overheard stating that he thought the 13+MVP players had rigged the previous 912 game forcing into penalty shots, thus delaying the start of the 13+ game, and finally forcing the Coaches vs. MVP players game into the dusk hours and giving them the advantage. When pressed whether he thought this was true, he stated, "Sounds like something he 13+ players would do and we are going to get to the bottom of this quickly" Stay tuned for the automatic 3 additional goals that can be given to any team after the game is over if they have been wronged by the other.............

A special THANKS to all those who stepped up to coach this season – none of the excitement and great times would be possible without you ---
Looking forward to the Fall Season……

Thanks Al