RVHR is a recreational sports league that currently has 4 sports seasons.  Fall Soccer, Winter Basketball, Spring Soccer, and Summer Soccer Camp

RVHR is available ONLY for homeschooled students, except our Summer Soccer Camp which is open to non-homeschooled students as well.

At RVHR we have three age groups for soccer  6-8, 9-12 and 13+, and two age groups for basketball:  9-12, 13+.  All teams are co-ed.  Girls are allowed to play an additional year in the 6-8 and 9-12 age group.  For example, a 9 year old girl may play in the 6-8 age group and a 13 year old girl may play in the 9-12 age group.

We currently have 8 teams in each age group.  If your family has children in multiple age groups they would all play for the same team but in their respective age groups.  All practices for the three age groups of your team would have practices on the same day and time.  Age groups are split up on different parts of the soccer field or basketball courts.

Seasons dates, game schedules and standings for teams can be found in the SCOREBOARD & SCHEDULE tab.

Registrations normally start about a month before the season begins.  Notices are posted on the web an emails are sent out to everyone that has provided me with their emails.  First notices will be sent out for volunteer coaches.  As soon as all teams have coaches, emails are sent out for registration.  If you would like to be informed via email, please send your contact info to rvhr@cox.net. Registration forms are on the FORMS tab.  There is one practice a week and one game on Friday for SOCCER and one game on Saturday for BASKETBALL.  Practices are either on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday at several practice fields around the Roanoke Valley.

All players are provided a team shirt.  Banquets are held at the end of the year where awards are presented.